For my groom

Because every princess needs a charming prince.

Every bride’s beauty is complete only when her man looks as perfect as she does. So why should your groom be any less?

Which is why Kaya’s customized Groom packages includes 30 days of intensive, advanced skin care with expert dermatological advice to give your groom that thoroughly spruced up look that you’d absolutely love. So that at the wedding, when all eyes are on you, your eyes are on him.

For Acne Prone Skin: 15 days of oil control, an entire month of effective Acnefree Aquatherapy along with an everyday Purifying Cleanser. As a bride, you know what that means!

For Normal Skin: He may not worry much about his skin, but we know how you’ve picture your prince on your wedding day- Fresh, clean and thoroughly charming. And our Aqua Fairness Luxe coupled with Kaya’s Signature Face Therapy does just that.