Advanced Service

Insta Clarity Laser Action

Pigmentation Reduction System – Superficial is also available with the option of Insta Clarity Laser (Q-Switch laser). Insta Clarity Laser is considered as the gold standard for treating both superficial and deeper pigmentation like uneven skin tone, patchy skin and dark spots. This advanced service uses a Q-Switched laser that is absolutely safe for Indian skin, hence making it an efficient solution to treat any unwanted skin pigmentation. Q-Switch laser targets the brown pigment or melanin present in the dark spots using an invisible beam of light. The laser light targets only the pigmentation marks thus ensuring that the surrounding skin is not affected at all in the process. The pigment absorbs the laser energy and is dispersed and absorbed by the body, thereby giving you smooth and even skin tone. The revolutionary Insta Clarity Laser gives visibly clearer skin in just one session*.



This service is not painful and has no downtime. All you need give is 15 minutes to avail this service. It takes about 6-8 sessions for optimum results. Once the existing pigmentation concern is addressed, further pigmentation marks can be prevented by using sunscreen and skin lightening products. Insta Clarity Laser can be used to treat pigmentation marks on face, neck as well as other body areas. Acne related Post Inflammatory Pigmentation (PIH) can also be treated efficiently with Insta Clarity Laser. *Basis consumer perception study on 40 subjects, June – July 2014.
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