Deep Pigmentation Reducer Peel

Patchy pigmentation of the skin is a result of hormonal origin, the ageing process and too much exposure to the Sun.

Kaya’s Deep Pigmentation Reducer Peel removes any pigmentation caused by various internal and external factors to restore your skin’s naturally even tone. This service is specifically designed to visibly reduce the deeper and more resistant pigmentation by making use of a special peel. First, your face is cleansed with a soothing gel to remove dead skin, after which, the Peel is applied. Its penetrating formula helps to work away any deep-set discoloration and patchy pigmentation and, simultaneously, aid in skin cell regeneration. To conclude the treatment, a peel neutralizer is applied. Your refreshed skin is even-toned and glows with a healthy radiance.

The removal of the superficial layer of skin evens out skin texture while diminishing the appearance of scars. It further works on the pigmentation blemishes and gives way to clearer, fresher skin.

The scars, once diminished, will stay that way making your skin appear better toned and even textured. The service can be used in synergy with chemical peels for better results and can also be undertaken as a part of a regular skin care regime.

However, to experience enhanced results, you need to follow this service up with a regular home care regime for which you can choose from the extensive Kaya product range.

  • What body parts does the service cover? Our Deep Pigmentation Reducer Peel Service focuses on the face.
  • Are there any side effects of the service? This is an absolutely safe service. In order to ensure safety our in-clinic Dermatologist would perform a peel sensitivity test for you prior to your appointment. However there could be a mild redness of the skin following the service, which usually subsides in a few hours. Your skin may become flaky for next 7 days.
  • Can I opt for the Kaya Skin Renewal - Deep Pigment Reducer service?Yes, you can opt for the Kaya Deep Pigmentation Reducer Peel Service provided that your peel sensitivity check is normal. Our Kaya in-clinic dermatologist will meet you before the service and decide if you can undergo the procedure based on the above or any other relevant contraindications.