Kaya Rapid 360┬░ Acne Clear System for pigmentation

Sun-spots, skin tags and warts are blemishes that cannot be treated with tablets or creams. At Kaya, a Radiofrequency machine is used to mechanically remove the lesions. Once your skin is cleansed thoroughly with Kaya Soothing Gel, Radiofrequency is administered on the affected skin surface by the dermatologist and your blemish is removed. Kaya’s Skin Tag and Wart Removal treatment is a very safe and FDA approved procedure that permanently removes the unwanted blemishes. 

The results of this service are immediate, revealing your flawlessly clear skin.

This service permanently and immediately clears out the warts, skin tags and unwanted blemishes, revealing a flawlessly smooth skin.

<p>No maintenance is required for this service as this is a one time permanent solution to the problem.</p>

  • What are the focus areas for tags/warts removals? Any body part affected by these blemishes can be effectively removed.
  • How long does each session take? This depends on the number of sunspots, sun-tags, and Warts that you may want to remove. Removing 3 to 4 of them would take about 15-30 minutes.
  • How many sessions are required to see best results? The removal requires a single sitting. The effects are seen immediately.