15 day Wedding Rituals

With the wedding day inching closer, there must already be a million things that need your care. Worry not. With Kaya’s Express Radiance packages, you can tick off ‘looking flawless’ from your ‘to-do’ list.

Simply choose the package that suits your skin best:

For Acne Prone Skin: Why cover up the acne when you can remove it all together? With Kaya’s Signature Acnefree Aquatherapy, Summer Fresh Oil Control and Kaya’s Daily Use Sunscreen.… you can experience the best looking skin in a matter of weeks.

For Tanned Skin: Is all the ‘wedding running around’ taking a toll on your skin? It’s nothing that  Kaya’s Signature Face Therapy and  Aqua Fairness Luxe with Daily Moisturizing Sunscreen can’t take care of!

For Normal Skin: A carefully designed package to make the most of your time. Experience the miraculous effects of Aqua/Everyday Radiance, coupled with Kaya’s Signature Face Therapy and Daily Moisturing Cream, and watch them work wonders on your skin.