For my Mom

Because their wedding day is what you’ve been waiting for too.

You were excited when you first heard about it. You’ve bought a new dress just for it. Why, you’re even trying to lose a few pounds before the big day!  So, if their wedding means the world to you, what’s stopping you from looking your best too?

Mom’s Radiance Package: Your child is all grown up and getting married, and yet no one believes you’ve aged! That’s the glow Kaya’s Radiance brings about. With a thorough application of our Aqua/Everyday Radiance and signature Meso Glow, it’ll take just a month for your skin to wind the clock back 10 years!

Mom’s Flawless Package: Whatever be your age, let your skin still look young. Choose between 3 weeks of Aqua/Everyday Radiance, along with a week of rich Gold Caviar to give you that added graceful glow.