Kaya Spot Hairfree

You can now get rid of fine, grey or even bleached hair with Kaya’s new and revolutionary permanent hair reduction technology, Kaya Spot HairFree,  made especially for hair that cannot be worked upon by conventional lasers.

Kaya Spot Hairfree uses Selectif Pro from Applisonix which is safe, reliable and absolutely painless. Ultrasound waves are channeled through the hair shaft, one hair at a time. These waves, then, transform to thermal energy that superheats the targeted areas and inhibits re-growth for the next 4-6 sessions. Your hair gradually becomes finer and reduces.

This service is well suited for small delicate areas like ear lobes or chin, even around eyes. Imagine not having to shape your eyebrows ever again! It can even be used to remove troublesome hair over tattoos. Whats more, it can work on any hair colour, even bleached or grey.

Since hormonal changes in the body might trigger some hair growth over time, maintenance sessions are usually recommended.

  • Suitable for all hair colour and types 
  • Virtually painless
  • Suitable for sensitive areas
  • Long-term results
  • Safe & reliable
  • How does Spot Hairfree work? Ultra sound waves are channeled through the hair shaft, one hair at a time.These are transformed tothermal energy that superheats the hair growth areas and inhibits re-growth in 4-8 sessions. The hair gradually becomes finer and reduces.
  • How is Spot Hairfree different? A special ultrasonic probe is used to focus the energy precisely on the hair follicle enabling treatment of highly sensitive and small areas like ear lobes, eye brow shaping which have few strands of hair. Ultrasound is channeled directly to the hair root where it is converted into heat. As a result, the temperature inhibits the hair’s re-growth in 4-6 sessions. The skin is unaffected as the energy is applied directly on the hair shaft.
  • Is the technique painful? Spot HairFree is virtually painless as the ultrasound waves do not dissipate into the surrounding skin tissue. The treatment can be carried out on even the most sensitive areas like eyebrows, upper lip, ear lobes etc.