About the Program

Welcome to Kaya Smiles.

We love the fact that you trust Kaya to help you look your best.

We love the way your radiance makes heads turn.

We love the way a visit to Kaya makes you smile.

Introducing Kaya Smiles™, an exclusive loyalty program, designed to make your journey to beautiful skin as rewarding as possible.

We hope to continue to partner you on the journey to beautiful skin.

We hope to keep you smiling.

Program Construct: Tiers

There are 3 tiers to the program – Platinum, Gold & Blue. Platinum is the highest tier in the program. The eligibility for each tier depends on the amount of money spent at Kaya over a 12 month period

  • Blue


    Members who have spent more than Rs. 2500 and less 15,000, over a 12 month period, will earn 30 Skin Miles™ for every INR 100 of eligible spend*, at Kaya Skin Clinics.

  • gold

    Members who have spent more than Rs. 15,000 less than 50,000 will earn at a higher rate for the same spend - 60 Skin Miles™ for every INR 100 of eligible spend*, at Kaya Skin Clinics.

  • Platinum


    Members who have spent more than 50,000 will earn at a higher rate for the same spend - 70 Skin Miles™ for every INR 100 of eligible spend*, at Kaya Skin Clinics.

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A membership to Kaya Smiles™ not only allows you to accumulate skin miles™ on all your eligible spends, it also ensures that your experience at Kaya is easier, smoother and even more enriching than before.

The special offers that you as a member are entitled to ensure that you get greater value from your visits to Kaya.

To enjoy your membership benefits, do remember to show your Kaya Smiles membership card during every visit, and while making your payments.

A  Platinum/Gold/Blue membership entitles you to the following benefits:

Benefit platinum Gold Blue
Earn Skin Miles™ 
every spend of Rs.100
70 60 30
Priority Appointments Priority Appointments** 
Special Alliance Offers
Preview of New launches at Kaya
Invites to Special Events
Dedicated Helpline* (10am to 8pm)

*Terms and Conditions
** Subject to Availability

Skin Miles

How to Earn Miles:

  • Present your membership card while settling your bill at Kaya. Your points will be automatically credited to your membership account
  • A Blue member will earn 30 Skin Miles™  for every INR 100 of eligible spend*, at Kaya Skin Clinics.
  • A Gold member will earn at a higher rate for the same spend - 60 Skin Miles for every INR 100 of eligible spend*, at Kaya Skin Clinics.
  • A Platinum member will earn at a higher rate for the same spend - 70 Skin Miles for every INR 100 of eligible spend*, at Kaya Skin Clinics

In addition to these Kaya Smiles™ Program will give you many opportunities to earn Bonus Skin Miles™ from time to time

*Eligible spends are spends inclusive of taxes.

How to Redeem Skin Miles:

  • At the time of billing, flash your membership card at the counter
  • Post validation, you would be shared the total Skin Miles available in your account for Redemption
  • Presenting the physical membership card is mandatory for redeeming of Skin Miles.
  • Once you confirm the total Skin Miles you would like to redeem, the clinic staff will generate and share the bill.
  • Redemption confirmation SMS will be sent immediately to your registered mobile number


Redemption FAQs

1.   What is the minimum redemption limit and how many skin miles™ can I redeem at a time?
Any number of Skin Miles™ can be redeemed at the time of billing. However, you must have accumulated 4000 points to be eligible for redemptions for the first time.
2.   When can you redeem your skin miles?
Your Skin Miles™ can be redeemed anytime when you visit the clinic for service 
 3.   Is there a timeframe to redeem these Skin Miles?
No, there is no particular time frame for redeeming your Skin Miles™. You can use them as and when you like, provided they have not expired. Skin Miles™ expire after 2 years of their earning date.
4.   Can I redeem Skin Miles™ for cash?
No. Skin Miles™ cannot be redeemed for cash. Skin Miles™ can only be redeemed against Products and Services offered by Kaya Skin Clinic.
5.   Can I transfer my Skin Miles™?
No, Skin Miles™ are non – transferable
6.   Is there any limit on the number of redemptions?
There is no limit on the number of redemptions. You can make redemptions any number of times you like, as long as your Skin Miles™ haven’t expired or haven’t been exhausted
7.Can I cancel a successful redemption?
No. Once a redemption request is processed, it cannot be cancelled.
8.Whom do I get in touch with incase of any issues with regards to my redemption?
We would request you to call us up at our toll free nos for a quick resolution. Alternatively you can also write to us at smiles@kayaindia.net. Please quote your membership no for a quick resolution of your queries.
9.Do I need my membership card to redeem Skin Miles™ at the clinic?
Yes, you must carry your membership card to the clinic for redeeming your Skin Miles™
10.What can I redeem my Skin Miles™ against?
You can redeem your Skin Miles™ against all services and products offered by Kaya Skin Clinic.
12.Where can one redeem Skin Miles?
The Skin Miles™ can only be redeemed at any of the Kaya Skin Clinic outlets operating in India only. This is not valid in any Shop in Shop/Kaya product counters or online portals.
13.Can I change my registered mobile number / email ID by calling the centre? 
No, if you want to change your registered mobile number / email id you need to visit your nearest Kaya clinic & fill up the address change form at the clinic. Your details will be updated in 2 weeks time
14.Can I use the Skin Miles™ for a deduction from my bill amount after the bill has been generated?
No, Once the bill is generated, you will need to ask in your next billing
15. What are the call centre timings
You can call the call centre anytime between 10am to 8pm (Mon to Sat) & 10am to 6pm (Sun) 

Tier Upgrades and Downgrades

Upgrades – How can you move to the next tier?

Every month Kaya would review your spends for the last 12 months and if you cross the specified threshold of Blue or Gold, you will be upgraded to the next tier automatically.


You membership will be reviewed for downgrades after 1 year from the time you have reached a particular tier. If incase your annual spends fall short of the required threshold you will automatically get downgraded to the lower tier.


Kaya Smiles Offers

Now, you have yet another exciting reason to visit Kaya.

Earn Bonus Skin Miles
  • Earn as much as you spend on your next session of BOTOX and JUVEDERM
  • The Bonus giveback will be applicable on the net amount collected after discounts, redemptions etc.
  • Conditions apply


Contact Kaya Skin Clinic for more info.

Terms and Conditions


1. "Kaya Skin Clinic" means Skin Clinic owned and managed by Kaya Limited.

2. "Clinic" means Kaya Skin Clinic as operating across India.

3. “Client” means any existing, new or prospective customer of Kaya Skin Clinic.

4. “Kaya Smiles™ Program” means the Loyalty Program offered by Kaya Skin Clinic to provide benefits to its members. This initiative is owned, managed and operated by Kaya Skin Clinic.

5. “Member” shall mean any Client of Kaya Skin Clinic who has opted to enrol themselves into the Kaya Smiles™ Program after fulfilling the eligibility criteria and signing the enrolment form.

6. “Year” shall mean the period of 12 months, staring from 1st April to 31st March.

7. “Month” shall mean calendar month.

8. “Quarter” shall mean a consecutive period of 3 months, starting on the first day of January, April, July, or October in a financial year.

9. “Benefit” shall mean certain special benefits and facilities that are given to the member, based on pre-defined criteria which come under Kaya Smiles™ Program.

10. “Service Partners” shall mean the third party service partners of Kaya Skin Clinic.

11. “Redemption” refers to the exchange of Skin Miles™ for Kaya products/services or any other items specified by Kaya from time to time.

12. “Kaya Smiles™ Program helpdesk” shall mean the service centre for resolving members queries in connection with or related to Kaya Smiles™ Program.

13. “Skin Miles™” shall mean the reward points member will earn on valid transactions for purchase of services or products in Clinic.

Eligibility, Membership & Accrual:

1. “Kaya Smiles™ Program” is currently valid and operational only across all Kaya Skin Clinics in India

2. Kaya Skin Clinic may include Kaya Skin Clinics in other geographies outside India at our discretion to be part of the Kaya Smiles™ Program.

3. Member status and benefits of Kaya Smiles™ Program are offered at the sole discretion of Kaya Skin Clinic.

4. Employees of Kaya Skin Clinic, its affiliates, service partners, consultants or subsidiaries and the employees (collectively 'employees') are not eligible to participate in the Kaya Smiles™ Program contests and lucky draws.

5. Eligibility - Kaya Smiles™ Program is open for participation to individuals above the age of 18 years at the time of enrolment. In any month, an individual who has made a transaction of above Rs. 2, 500 in the last 12 months in any Kaya Skin Clinic becomes eligible to enrol himself/herself under Kaya Smiles™ Program.

6. Enrolment into Kaya Smiles™ Program must be in the individual's full legal name, and proof of identification will need to be provided on request.

7. Enrolment will be confirmed only when the client pays the membership fee if applicable, signs the Enrolment form and hands it over to clinic staff at Kaya.

8. Enrolment will entitle the member to a single membership account in his/her name.

9. Membership is offered in the name of Kaya Smiles™ Program.

10. Members cannot maintain membership in, or earn Skin Miles™ on multiple membership accounts.

11. Enrolment to Kaya Smiles™ Program is optional for the client. There will be a nominal fee of Rs.100 for becoming a member of the Kaya Smiles™ Program into the Blue and Gold tier only.

12. Membership to Kaya Smiles™ Program entitles members to earn Skin Miles™, which can be redeemed for benefits in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the Kaya Smiles™ Program.

13. Membership of Kaya Smiles™ Program and its benefits are non-transferrable and non-assignable.

14. Skin Miles™ issued is not legal tender and have no monetary value and cannot be bartered or sold by members for cash at any point of time. These Skin Miles™ may only be exchanged for benefits on offer through the Kaya Smiles™ Program. Any Skin Miles™, or benefits, which the Kaya Skin Clinic deems that the member has transferred, sold or assigned in violation of the Kaya Smiles™ Program Terms and Conditions, may be confiscated or cancelled at the sole discretion of Kaya Skin Clinic.

15. Each member is responsible for being knowledgeable about the Kaya Smiles™ Program, Terms & Conditions and the number of Skin Miles™ in his/her account. Kaya Skin Clinic will send correspondence to active members to advise them of matters of interest, including notification of Kaya Smiles™ Program, changes and Skin Miles™ updates. However, Kaya Skin Clinic will not be liable for any failure to do so and will not be responsible for correspondence lost or delayed in the mail.

16. Kaya Skin Clinic reserves the right to refuse, amend, vary or cancel membership of any member without assigning any reason and without prior notification.

17. Members declare and confirm that the information provided in the Enrolment form is the member’s authentic information and that the member consents to and authorise Kaya Skin Clinic to use such information for the purposes of contacting or communicating with the member via e-mail, SMS and/or telephone in connection with Kaya Smiles™. Any change in the name, address, or other information relating to the member must be notified to Kaya Skin Clinic via the Helpdesk/email/in writing at the Clinic by the member, as soon as possible.

18. All Skin Miles™ will be earned on valid transactions and based on total amount collected inclusive of taxes as per tier.

19. Any Skin Miles™ earned in a financial year can be redeemed over a period of 2 years from the time of its earning, subject to valid membership. All Skin Miles™ are valid for a period of up to 2 years on a rolling basis. In any month, Skin Miles™ which are 2 years old from the point of earning will expire if not redeemed. For e.g. in the month of August'14, Skin Miles™ which have been earned in August'12 will be up for expiry. So, if the Skin Miles™ earning starts from Apr'12 then the Skin Miles™ first would be up for expiry in Apr'14.

20. Skin Miles™ will be credited on a monthly basis into each membership account for the previous month's transactions.

21. Skin Miles™ earned by any individual member cannot be transferred to any other Kaya Smiles™ Program member or combined with reward programs administered by past, present or future partners of Kaya Skin Clinic and any other programs offered by Kaya Skin Clinic.

22. If a member believes he/she has not received Skin Miles™ for any transaction he/she must contact us on our Helpline No. 1800-266-1177 (Toll Free) or email us at smiles@kayaindia.net. The same number/email id needs to be contacted for any queries regarding the program. Changes in the number/email id will be intimated by Kaya Skin Clinic to the members.

23. Any fractional Skin Miles™ earned will be truncated to the nearest integer. For example, if a member earns 125.90 Skin Miles™ from a transaction, it will be rounded off to 126 Skin Miles™, but if he/she earns 125.40 Skin Miles™ it will be treated as 125 Skin Miles™.

24. Membership to Kaya Smiles™ Program is valid for the 3 years unless the member is downgraded out of the Kaya Smiles™ Program.

25. At the end of the three year tenure, the membership will be automatically renewed. Auto- renewal of membership would take place only if the member is active (has done one transaction at least in the last 12 months).

26. Accumulation of Skin Miles™ will cease immediately on termination of the Kaya Smiles™ Program/termination of the membership. However, members will be given 3 months; from the date the Kaya Smiles™ Program termination is announced, to redeem a desired benefit.

27. Tier upgrades will happen on a monthly basis.

28. Tier downgrades will happen monthly on a rolling annual basis; i.e. a member will be eligible to stay in a tier, once attained, for at least 12 months. If a member fails to retain the tier thresholds post the 12 months window of observation then he/she will be downgraded to the lower tier/lapse out of the Kaya Smiles™ Program as applicable.

29. Any member entering a tier will retain that tier status for a minimum of 12 months before being evaluated for a downgrade; if he/she upgrades however, he/she will be given the upgrade in the month following his attainment of upgraded status. The member will then be eligible for downgrade 12 months posts his month upgrade.

30. A Blue member who has been in Blue tier for 12 months and has not met the prevalent threshold criteria for Blue tier will be downgraded out of the Kaya Smiles™ Program to non-member status.

31. Members who have downgraded to non-member from Blue tier will be given three months’ time frame post downgrade to regain their tier by meeting the required threshold for becoming a Blue member again.

32. Members who have downgraded to non-member from Blue tier will be given three months’ time frame post downgrade to redeem any Skin Miles™ remaining in their kitty, post which the Skin Miles™ will expire.

33. Once downgraded to non-member, a client can re-enter the Kaya Smiles™ Program in the next month itself if he/she meets the eligibility criteria.

34. In the event that a client regains membership within 3 months of his/her downgrade/ termination, he/she has the option to begin his/her new membership carrying forward unredeemed Skin Miles™ from his/her previous membership.

35. Accumulated Skin Miles™ can be redeemed against Kaya Skin Clinic services and products at Kaya Skin Clinic.

36. Members understand that Kaya Skin Clinic may utilise the members information for the above purpose and will not disclose the same to any third party whomsoever, unless required by law or with the members consent. The member is aware that he/she can withdraw this consent for use of his/her information at any point in time by notifying the Helpline number/by sending an email.

37. Lost/misplaced membership cards will be replaced by paying a nominal fee of Rs.100. This fee will only be charged for Gold and Blue members. Platinum members will not be charged a fee for replacement of cards.

38. Skin Miles™ will be awarded on all eligible transactions on purchase of Kaya Skin Clinic's services or products having a valid bill at the Clinics from the date of member's enrolment into the Kaya Smiles™ Program.

39. Members shall earn Skin Miles™ from the start date of Kaya Smiles™ Program as defined by Kaya Skin Clinic. No Skin Miles™ will be earned for any amounts charged before the start date of the Kaya Smiles™ Program.

40. Kaya Skin Clinics computation of the Skin Miles™ shall be final, conclusive and binding on the member and will not be disputed or questioned.


1. All members enrolled in the Kaya Smiles™ Program are eligible to earn Skin Miles™ which can be redeemed for benefits that will be sent to the members in accordance with the Terms and Conditions specified.

2. All benefits- related communication shall be made to the member when he/she visits the clinic or may be sent to the email/postal address specified by the member.

3. There will be 3 tiers for membership in Kaya Smiles™- Blue, Gold & Platinum, with each tier having its own benefits.

4. Kaya Skin Clinic reserves the right to include or remove a tier at any point in the Kaya Smiles™ Program.

5. Blue card members will earn 30 Skin Miles™ for every Rs 100 (INR) spent at Kaya Skin Clinic, Gold card members will earn 60 Skin Miles™ for every Rs 100(INR) spent and Platinum card members will earn 70 Skin Miles™ for every Rs.100 (INR) spent at Kaya Skin Clinic.

6. Kaya Skin Clinic reserves the right to deduct Skin Miles™ from a members account balance if the Skin Miles™ has been erroneously recorded under the account.

7. Kaya Skin Clinic will give bonus Skin Miles™ to members from time to time based on special events at Kaya Skin Clinic's discretion.

8. Benefits will be delivered to the notified member’s address and member name and not to any other address or name.

9. In case of the death of the member, the benefits will not accrue to any other family member.

10. Kaya Skin Clinic cannot accept responsibility for any delays in the delivery of benefits or any damage or quality of the benefits.

11. All benefits offered by Kaya Skin Clinic are on a best effort basis. In case a member is not offered a particular benefit or if Kaya Skin Clinic does not make a particular benefit available, Kaya Skin Clinic will not be liable to compensate the member in any manner howsoever.

12. Payment of all taxes may be applicable from time to time and shall be borne by the member. Kaya Skin Clinic shall not be liable for any claim arising in respect thereof.

13. Benefits are subject to their availability. In case of non-availability of a particular benefit, Kaya Skin Clinic may in its discretion offer a similar benefit of equivalent value.

14. For redemption of Skin Miles™ against Kaya Skin Clinic products and services, the member needs to carry the membership card as proof of identity. Redemption will be done on-the-spot at the clinic during the billing process.

15. To check status of your Kaya Smiles™ account call the call centre on 18002661177 (toll free).

16. Redeemed benefits once issued/delivered will not be changed and the member will not be entitled to any refund or credit for the Skin Miles™ redeemed.

17. Skin Miles™ can be redeemed only against Kaya products or services.

18. Kaya Skin Clinic has a right to refuse acceptance of defective products as offered under benefits if the same is found to be tampered/damaged by the member.

19. Kaya Skin Clinic will not entertain any disputes from the member after 7 days of receipt of the redeemed benefits.

20. Colours/feature of any products/services as offered under the benefits are subject to change and availability.

General Terms and Conditions:

1. Kaya Smiles™ Program is not valid at any Shop in Shop / Kaya product counters / online portals.

2. Kaya Skin Clinic reserves the right to withhold benefits or terminate the membership of the member, if the member breaches the Terms and Conditions of Kaya Smiles™ Program. Upon such termination, all benefits standing to the credit of the member shall be lost without the member being entitled for any compensation, and the member shall be barred from future membership.

3. Kaya Skin Clinic reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change the Terms and Conditions without any approval, prior notice or reference to the member.

4. Members shall be responsible for awareness in updating the Kaya Smiles™ Program Terms and Conditions and their entitlements.

5. All communication and benefits shall be known to members. Kaya Skin Clinic may not be liable for failure of any communication to reach the member, it shall be the sole responsibility of the member to inform Kaya Skin Clinic about any change in address/phone number and Kaya Skin Clinic bears no responsibility for communication lost or received.

6. All communication will be deemed to have been received by the member unless communicated by the member.

7. In case of upgrade/downgrade, the member shall be eligible for the respective benefits from the date of the upgrade/downgrade.

8. Only the valid member will be eligible to avail of the Kaya Smiles™ Program benefits.

9. In the event of any Force Majeure events such as natural calamities/accidents/ boycotts/ unfavourable business circumstances, acts of God etc., Kaya Skin Clinic shall be free from all responsibility for non-performance or delays in performance.

10. Skin Miles™ under Kaya Smiles™ Program shall accrue only upon realisation by Kaya Skin Clinic of the member's payment for such purchase made for services or products at Kaya Skin Clinic.

11. In the unlikely case of termination of the Kaya Smiles™ Program, Kaya Skin Clinic shall inform you about the same as much in advance as possible.

12. Kaya Skin Clinic reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change any of the rules, conditions, tier, benefits, rewards or reward level pertaining to the Kaya Smiles™ Program at its sole discretion, with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of Skin Miles™ already accumulated. For example, Kaya Skin Clinic may increase or decrease the Skin Miles™ required for a benefit or limit the number of participating outlets for a particular reward.

13. By enrolling for the Kaya Smiles™ Program, the member shall be governed by all Terms and Conditions of the Kaya Smiles™ Program. In the event of dispute in connection with Kaya Smiles™ Program and the interpretation of Terms and Conditions, Kaya Skin Clinic shall be final and binding. Kaya Smiles™ Program shall be governed by and subject to the laws of India. Any disputes resulting from Kaya Smiles™ Program are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Mumbai.


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